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City of Springs Promise Part I

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Jun. 10th, 2005 | 05:43 am
posted by: kaelwinters in l5r_fanfiction

Title: City of Springs Promise Part I
 Author: Kael Winters (one of many nicks)
 Pairing: Yogo Kenzo and Daidoji Moro
Rating: errrr ummmm PG 13?
Sumerary: First storying involing Moro and Kenzo. Initally posted on the AEG forums. Takes place in the Crane city of Springs Promise before the Rain of Blood.

Daidoji Moro woke with a slight startle. There was a slight rustle outside her room, the sound of several footsteps. She quickly dressed and reached for her daisho. She tucked her blades away with a practiced ease and slid her door open.

There was the sound of fighting down the corridor and to the left. She drew her katana and approached silently. Moro turned the corner carefully, her sword held at the ready. A figure clad in a black cloak stood before her. He spun upon his heels as she made it around the corner. She took this chance to swing, making contact with the straight blade of his ninja-to.

“Ninja” Moro said evenly as the two stared each other down.

Kenzo waited quietly in the shadows of the Mantis ambassador’s room. Moshi Tenchi entered his room in a hurried fashion. He moved over to his chest and pulled open the lid only pausing a brief moment as he felt a presence in the shadows.

“Make yourself known,” Tenchi said as he slid a dagger from inside his kimono’s folds into his hand. He waited a few minutes and still there was neither sound nor movement. But Tenchi was sure there was an intruder.

Kenzo remained crouched in his corner waiting for Tenchi to drop his guard. He had wondered how he had been detected but couldn’t be concerned with it for the moment. He merely gripped the hilt of his ninja-to and waited.

Tenchi’s patience grew thin however. He began a soft and low chant as he slid the blade down his palm. The dark spirits he summoned enclosed his hands in a pale green color as he turned and launched his spell in Kenzo’s general direction.

Kenzo moved from the corner swiftly ducking the spell and swearing softly under his breath for not being quicker. The sound of explosion behind him was sure to attract unwanted attention. His left hand slid towards his belt as he flicked out three shurikens, an attempt to distract Tenchi long enough to close the gap between them.

Tenchi rolled to his left, dodging the throwing stars heading his way. He sliced the palm of his other hand as he prepared to cast another spell but was not fast enough. Kenzo’s blade found it’s way into Tenchi’s gut. He spit up a bit of blood as Kenzo twisted the blade and slammed his fist into Tenchi’s chin.

Kenzo took a step back as the life left Tenchi’s face. He wiped his blade clean as the body fell to the ground. “One down, two more to go” he said to himself as he exited the room. He crept out into the hallway hoping to avoid being spotted, but tonight did not seem like his night.

Two Daidoji turned the corner. Kenzo reacted swiftly as he darted towards them. He summoned the spirits of air around him and then focused their attention on the closet Crane bushi. The bushi yawned and slid towards the ground as Kenzo foot made contact with the remaining Crane.

The bushi grunted as the kick was followed up with a solid blow from the butt of Kenzo’s ninja-to. His head snapped back as he lost consciousness. Kenzo spun around as the sound of more footsteps caught his attention. His blade was at the ready as he parried the sword of a Crane Samurai-ko. Cute he thought to himself as she said “Ninja”.

“Ninja don’t exist,” he said as he pressed an attack. “So you must be mistaken.”

Moro shook her head and easily turned away the blow aimed at her. “Then what would you call yourself?”

“Merely a man, Crane-san.” With that he swung again only to be met with her blade. If this kept up surely Kenzo would be captured. Kenzo took a few steps backward. Moro stepped forward as Kenzo leapt forward again. Only this time, instead of bringing his weapons to bear on Moro he tucked himself into a small ball and rolled past her.

Kenzo sprung to his feet and didn’t bother to look over his shoulder as he launched three shurikens down the hallway. Kenzo then made a quick left, his cloak disappearing behind the edges of the wall. Moro parried the first one with her katana, ducked the last two, and then shook her head.

“Let him think he has gotten away,” she said to no one in particular. “This is my home and I know a short cut, little ninja.” With that she disappeared down a corridor.

Had Kenzo been a first year student he likely would have run himself through Daidoji Moro’s outstretched blade. However, his body now moved more on reflex and without thinking he brought his sword up to swipe hers out of his way. He took a few steps back, keeping his at the ready waiting to see what she would do next.

Moro gripped her blade and stepped forward, not letting him back too far out of her reach. “Why are you here?” She was met only with silence. The dark cloak clad figure only took a few steps backwards.

Kenzo looked up and met her gaze. There was only one way out of this castle and it was obviously through her. However, if he lingered much longer more Daidoji would corner him. With a bit more resolve Kenzo launched himself forward bringing his blade to bear on her. Moro parried as he expected. She responded with a counter strike, which he ducked.

Kenzo tried to move inside her swing as he spun into a kick. Moro dodged to her left and brought her arm up to defend against it. Kenzo brought his blade in once more and she once again parried. He was hoping to push her back far enough for him to find a way to dash down the next corridor.

Moro decided to fight a bit more aggressively now. She swung and he parried. She swung again and he parried her blade once more. With each thrust and parry pushing the ninja backwards. The sound of approaching guards entered the hallway as the pair continued their deadly dance.

Kenzo noticed two guards approaching him from behind as he stepped back once more. He withdrew from their dance and locked eyes with Moro once more.

“Surrender and explain yourself and you won’t have to die here.”

“No one else will die in this castle tonight Daidoji-san.”

“Who have you killed?” Moro now demanded. The guards now took up positions to corner off Kenzo’s escape.

“Only a cancer upon this land. Only a cancer.” With that Kenzo’s hands disappeared into his cloak. A moment later smoke erupted from his being. When it cleared he was gone and the two guards beside him lay slumped against the wall.

Moro moved to check the bodies. She placed her fingers against their neck as she felt their pulses. “Good, they’re still alive.” A younger Daidoji soon approached Moro. He bowed to her and waited till she acknowledged him before speaking.

“Moro sama. The intruder has killed the Mantis ambassador.”

Moro nodded as she sheathed her blade once more. “Any other causalities?”

“No sama.”

“Good. Prepare my wolves. I will find this man tonight.” Moro returned to her room to prepare for the hunt.

PS: I hate LJ cuts and if anyone knows how to get them to format properly please let me know. If anyone happens to know of an easier way than having to add tags to the text please let me know :)

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