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Sleeping Serpents - A Rokugan 3000 Fan Fic ;)

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Jun. 13th, 2005 | 02:16 am
posted by: kaelwinters in l5r_fanfiction

Title: Sleeping Serpents
Author: Kael Winters
Rating: PG
Summary: A fanfic based on an idea of doing a Rokugan 3000 game

This was inspired by a discussion about doing a Rokugan 3000 game. You can find it here . It's a project worth making real in my opinion. I hope you enjoy. I tossed this together after a few minutes of thought so you're viewing the rough draft.

Sleeping Serpents Isawa Calender Year 3000

“Shields are down to twenty percent, and we are losing life support on decks three, six and seven Taisa”

Another impact on the shields caused Daidoji Moro to grip her council. A siren wailed in the background reminding the crew that they were in a combat situation. Quietly she cursed the Mantis raiders. Mantis raiding vessels were always faster than most ships in the Empire. Thankfully Crane weapons were a lot stronger.

“Bring us to these coordinates” she keyed in new coordinates for the helmsmen to enter into the counsel. “Divert power from the engines and use it to reenforce forward shields. Fire on my mark”

The ship came about behind one of the three Mantis raiders. Moro waited only a moment before giving the order. “Fire!” A volley of photon torpedoes fired into the back side of the Mantis vessel. Followed by three short burst from the phaser. Moro glanced back at her tech officers for a damage report.

“Damage to their engines, shields down by sixty percent” Moro nodded and then looked towards the ambassador seated near by.

“Are you certain they will show. We can not take much more of this Mikeiko-sama”

“Hai” Mikeiko said “He said he will be here and he will” another impact to the shields caused both samurai-ko’s to grab something to hold onto.

Moro nodded and locked at the blinking light on her counsel. The shields would not be able to take much more of this. “Prepare for boarders” she ordered and begin plotting new coordinates for the helm.

2 Days ago

Planet: Yasuyasuy Tsuru - Asahina Home world - The Great Library.

Asahina Kitashi read a data pad and grinned. If his findings were correct he may have stumbled upon the greatest find since the great clans discovered space travel. He poured over the information again just to make sure before looking up at his apprentice.

“Have you heard of a race known as the Naga Mikeiko-san?” he asked with a grin.

“I have come across them in my studies yes”

“If my research is correct and trust me it is” he said with a bit of arrogance in his voice “this ancient race will soon awaken.”

“I thought the Naga were extending. They failed to return on the Third day of Thunder.”

“There are believed to be extinct. But I think they went into a deeper hibernation.” Kitashi moved towards the holo emitter and keyed in a few things bringing up a holographic image of Rokugan. The image then rotated to an enlarged picture of the Shinomen forest.

“This is where the Naga rest.”

Mikeiko nodded “How do you know they will awaken though? And if they are still there what makes you think that the Horde did not consume them like it did the rest of the planet.”

“Dreams” Kitashi answered.


He nodded and then continued “The realm of Yume-Do as you may know is the dream realm. Everything that sleeps dreams. Yume-Do is filled with pocket realms of sleeping dreamers. Some bigger than others” there was a short pause and Kitashi turned a keen eye towards Mikeiko. “Are you familiar with the work of Kitsu Yumeji?”

Mikeiko tilted her head for a moment. “I’m familiar with his work to some extent. I am told his link with his Kitsu ancestry allows him to perceive other realms.”

“It does” Kitashi voice began to rise with his excitement. “ He has been working on mapping various realms to see if there are new hyperspace lanes to be found in between the spirit realms.Of late his work has been on Yume-Do.”

Kitashi began keying up more information on the holo emitter as he continued “Once of the larger realms, that was previously believed to be permeant has recently began to shrink in size. Denoting that either the dreamers there are dying or waking up. He theorizes that this realm may be where the Naga dreams are held.”

An image of the Shinomen forest turned side ways showing a holographic image of the earth below the forest. “Kuni Sukumi has used thermographic imaging for many years to track movement on Rokugan. They use it keep track of large Horde movements”

The old Asahina then leaned forward and pointed to a spot that had some discoloration as if it were slightly warmer than the rest of the underground region.

“See the Naga are awakening. They rest here.”

“It’s only a theory though.” Mikeiko said although she was defiantly fascinated with these findings.

“A theory worth checking out. If the Naga should wake now they will be wiped out. I will need you to go back to Rokugan and find the Naga. Make sure they are safe.”

“I have no ship. How will I get there and what about the Horde?”

Kitashi laughed some, not a mocking tone but one full a bit of mirth. “You have been a resourceful samurai. I know you have friends with ships. And I’m sure you can find a crew willing to brave the deep to reach Rokugan. I would go myself but I am to old to make such a trip. Instead I will go see the Empress. If I can convince her to send more ships then perhaps we can save the entire race from a horrible fate.”

“Hai sama” Mikeiko said and bowed gently. “I will make my preparations” With that she bowed again and took a few steps backward, waiting till she had left his presence before turning and exiting.

Three more hits rocked Lady Wolf. Moro was thankful that Daidoji engineers made firm sturdy vessels. “Shields are collapsing Taisa”

“Security teams prepare to repel borders. Helm fire at these coordinates on my mark.” The ship flew towards the damaged Mantis vessels. Moro leaned forward and watched the view screen.

“Fire!” The Lady Wolf launched volley of photon torpedo impacting directly on the ship. The vessel spiraled and then drifted the only thing keeping it moving being the Mantis raiders inertia.

“Mantis raider disabled Taisa. The other two are coming about. Our shields will not be able to withstand much more of this.”

Another ship decloaked and fired at the two Mantis vessels causing them to advert their course with the Lady Wolf. It came up behind the two vessels and continued firing before they had a chance to come about and face the new threat.

“Taisa the Scorpion vessel is making a general hail.”

“Attention Mantis raiders, this is Scorpion vessel Shadow. Stand down and depart or be destroyed.”

Mikeiko turned to Moro and smiled softly. “I told you Kenzo-san would be here.”

Moro scowled a bit and then nodded, if only the Scorpion could be on time she thought to herself.
To Be Continued.

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