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Jun. 22nd, 2007 | 12:51 pm
location: Work
mood: creative
music: Saliva
posted by: verbena76 in l5r_fanfiction

This fiction was inspired by my Saturday game, I think it's fairly self-explanatory.  I hope you enjoy!

Cross-posted to my journal verbena76 and the game journal l5r_tob.

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(no subject)

Aug. 19th, 2005 | 11:05 am
posted by: silax in l5r_fanfiction

I'm pretty new to LJ, so if I screw this up, please forgive.

Title: Between a Demon and an Anvil
Summary: This story was written as an attempt at a backstory for a young samurai child before his gempukku who would later grow into a ronin.


Between a Demon and an AnvilCollapse )

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Sleeping Serpents - A Rokugan 3000 Fan Fic ;)

Jun. 13th, 2005 | 02:16 am
posted by: kaelwinters in l5r_fanfiction

Title: Sleeping Serpents
Author: Kael Winters
Rating: PG
Summary: A fanfic based on an idea of doing a Rokugan 3000 game

This was inspired by a discussion about doing a Rokugan 3000 game. You can find it here . It's a project worth making real in my opinion. I hope you enjoy. I tossed this together after a few minutes of thought so you're viewing the rough draft.

Sleeping SerpentCollapse )

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City of Springs Promise Part I

Jun. 10th, 2005 | 05:43 am
posted by: kaelwinters in l5r_fanfiction

Title: City of Springs Promise Part I
 Author: Kael Winters (one of many nicks)
 Pairing: Yogo Kenzo and Daidoji Moro
Rating: errrr ummmm PG 13?
Sumerary: First storying involing Moro and Kenzo. Initally posted on the AEG forums. Takes place in the Crane city of Springs Promise before the Rain of Blood.
City of Springs PromiseCollapse )

PS: I hate LJ cuts and if anyone knows how to get them to format properly please let me know. If anyone happens to know of an easier way than having to add tags to the text please let me know :)

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Jun. 4th, 2004 | 09:54 am
mood: chipper
music: Frank Sinatra- Summer Wind
posted by: mamorunooni in l5r_fanfiction

I figure I'd contribute here ^__^ I hope y'all don't mind ^^

Title: Sorrow's Path, Part 1: The Time is Now.

Author: Jesse Baez, AKA Oni no Jesse

Rating: Rightabout PG-13?

Warnings: I wrote this story giving a nod to the way most L5R official fiction is written, by building on my tournament finish at the Kotei in Sacramento in 2002. All my stories are written that way. This one was written a few days after I returned from a 4th place finish.

Summary: It begins the day of the Fall of Otosan Uchi, when a fallen Samurai suddenly begins to remember all that he once lived and gave his life for, all that he has turned his back upon.

As a side note:There is something of a guest appearance by a Personality that at the time of this story being written, had not been printed yet.

On with the show!Collapse )

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Usagi Juro's Story

Apr. 22nd, 2004 | 05:19 pm
mood: bouncy
music: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns and Roses
posted by: snaketao in l5r_fanfiction

This is my very first attempt at an L5R story. I've written fanfiction before, but L5R is a very hard genre for me to write for several reasons. The story's short, but hopefully my writing will get better.

Title: Usagi Juro's Story
Author: Joshua K. Julian (Snaketao)
Rating: PG to PG-13 (Violence)
Summary: Set during the Diamond Era, this is the first in my Shadows of the Snake story series. It stars three original characters: Asako Xiahou, a promising young Inquisitor, Kuni Moraku, an eccentric Witch-Hunter with an annoying personality, and Usagi Juro, a bitter samurai trying to escape the pain of the past.

The following story is the background story for Usagi Juro.

Usagi Juro's StoryCollapse )

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